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Chicken Wings

Wings include 1 ranch or blue cheese per 6 wings

Calzone pepperoni

One topping calzone with pepperoni & mozzarella cheese.

Family Meal Deal (Serves 4-6)

Large 1 topping pizza, large Green or Caesar salad, 4 garlic breads, 12 pcs chicken wings, 2 liter soda

Pepperoni Pizza

Classic Pepperoni Pizza

Chocolate Vin-Yay

Nutella chocolate covered Beignets with powdered sugar.

Valentines Special

1 topping Heart Shaped Pizza (14in) 6 pc Chicken Wings 5pc Chocolate Vin-Yays

Pizza Blitz (Serves 18 to 22)

4 Large 1 topping Pizzas 36 chicken wings Large tray of salad (Green and Caesar included. Extra charge for Chicken Caesar and Antipasto) 2 2litter Soft drinks (FEEDS 18 TO 24 PEOPLE)

Craving pizza? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving pizza? Order pickup or delivery now!
We offer pickup and delivery to La Crescenta-Montrose! Get pizza delivered in 45 mins.

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